One Platform, Full Control

Tawla streamlines complete in-house operations on a single platform, saving time, enhancing operations, and elevating customer experiences

QR code paymentSplit, Tip and Pay

Digital menuAdd items to cart and pay online

Table ReservationPaid or free bookings

Queue managementAdd walk-in customer to automated waiting list

get tawla, Where every dish goes digital

Tawla focuses on enhancing the dining experience for food & beverage venues by fully digitalizing the operations with a single subscription


Save cost by using only one platform instead of paying multiple software providers to run in-house operations.

Pump Up Your

Reduce glitches and errors from multiple system integrations.

Boost Revenue
And Loyality

Automate processes to receive more table bookings and enhance customer loyalty

About Tawla (Merchant)

Tawla is a platform that focuses on enhancing the dining experience for businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops, and bars by attracting more foot traffic and increasing customer engagement.

  • Merchant Branches & Users management
  • Digital Menu management
  • QR Code customization and management
  • Table booking management
  • Walk-in waiting list management & Automation
  • Mobile App page control
  • Special offers & Discounts management
  • Reports & Analysis

features & benefits

By partnering with Tawla and showcasing your venue on our app, you can enjoy the following benefits

  • Increased visibility: Partnering with Tawla increases exposure and foot traffic
  • Improved customer engagement: Tawla enhances the dining experience for better customer engagement.
  • Increased sales and revenue: Tawla's marketing and promotion capabilities increase sales and revenue.
  • Better customer insights: Tawla provides analytics and reporting tools for improved customer insights.
  • Competitive advantage: Partnering with Tawla provides a differentiation and competitive advantage.
  • Support and resources: Tawla offers support, resources, and training for merchant success.
  • "Table Booking” allowing users to book tables (Free/Paid) in advance in their preferred venues.

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